Anthony Wigram: Abstract Landscapes

Anthony Wigram was brought up in a family fascinated by painting. His mother was a keen and successful amateur painter and he started painting late in life and learnt the trade as a day student at the Heatherley School of Art.

Whilst he spent some years painting still life and landscapes, Anthony eventually became gripped by a love of abstract painting. Prime influences have included Mondrian followed by the American Abstract Expressionist’s painters, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and more lately Brice Marden. One of the most evocative statements by Marden about abstract painting is an apt description of the abstract landscapes of Anthony Wigram;

It’s about transformation. Taking that earth, that heavy earthen kind of thing, turning it into air and light
— Brice Marden, 2012

Talking about the challenges which face the abstract artist Wigram explains “people often take the view that abstract painting is easy but in fact it is a great deal more challenging for the artist because you are not copying an image. You are creating something that depends on rhythm, shape and colour to create an intensity of feeling.

The artist is creating something that did not previously exist. It is often difficult to know when a painting is finished but if everything is working well it suddenly crystallises into shape and becomes a reality and is enormously satisfying.”

Anthony has been painting privately for 40 years and Abstract Landscapes is his first public exhibition and an opportunity to share an enduring fascination and passion with a wider audience.  

“I have never wanted to have an exhibition before because I don't really want to sell my paintings; they are too much a part of me. Now I feel they deserve to be set free to find their own level. I hope you like them."

The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue, to request a copy or for further information telephone +44 (0) 20 7730 6820 or email